Sunday, November 3, 2013

Informational Reading {the very beginning}

Last week we started our very first informational unit and I'm in LOVE!  My fiction and nonfiction libraries are separate this year and not too many firsties have wondered over to the nonfiction area....until now :)
I don't teach informational books while focusing on a specific topic, like bats, because I like to use what I'm seeing as their interest in class.  So if I notice that all the boys are flocking to the snakes bin, then I'm more than likely going to use a snake book the next day.  So far we read about semi-trucks, rabbits, dogs, bats, and bugs.  I figure that this is what real readers do, they read about their interest.  For example, an adult reading on the internet sees something of interest and clicks on it.  They might continue to research that topic or they might find something else of interest.
Authentic reading is my goal!
Here is how we have started out...
Day 1

Day 2- I don't usually get them started with post-its right away but this year I changed my thinking.  What if I exposed them to the greater picture first and then honed in on the details of each?  It's working!

This is the copy I made for their book bin.

This was DAY 3 and as you can see I started to hone in on information strategies.

I decided to do my text features poster a little different this year and it's pretty busy, huh?  What I do love about it is that the arrows and post-it explanations are removable so I can use it as an assessment with the kids.  "Name the text features by placing the arrow of its name on it. Now match the explanations to the text features."

Making predictions based off the features of the text.

Getting to the main idea. 
Below is my inspiration video for this lesson.

We still have 6 weeks of informational reading, so look back for more!

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