Sunday, November 3, 2013

Addition/Subtraction Center FREEBIE!

The other day I showed a problem my students had been solving, There's three chickens and 2 horses.  How many legs in all? It really pushed their thinking because they had to know more than one thing: the animal and how many legs the animal had.  I mentioned that they all started by adding the animals and then slowly came to other realizations.
So as I have been thinking about my next bunch of centers I thought that I would like to continue this kind of thinking.  Here is my freebie: How Many Legs in All?
The students will drop 3 pencil cap erasers onto the board.  Draw the three animals the erasers land on.  Add up the amount of legs (three addends).  Then take one animal {and their legs!} away.
This was also my first foray at making my own set of graphics :)
I hope you and your students enjoy!


  1. Great math center idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your activities. Thank you so much for sharing them!! You are the best!!!