Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nonfiction and the Common Core

I think I may have teacher's block, similar to writer's block, although the block is just the enormous amount of change at school this year.  It seems as if everything that was once acceptable has now been deemed unacceptable.  I'm managing but by blogging has taken a back seat.

Tomorrow I have another "new" teacher observation....I have been considered a "new" teacher for all of my 7 years in this wonderful state of Florida.  Bring it on!  Now that most of the nation has adopted common student standards I say we also have common teacher observations and that they be held on a database that every school can access them no matter the state.  I guess that would only work if you wanted your past to follow you :)

I think I have shared before that our units vacililate back and forth from fiction to nonfiction.  We have just switched from Fiction into our second Nonfiction unit.  I thought that my love for stories would never be beat but I think informational texts are winning.  I claim to be a nerd and I love to when given the opportunity to be immersed in inquiry daily I am just about as happy as can be.

I have a couple of things to show you from our fiction unit...and a freebie!


OK on another note for those of you that have an iPad...I have the greatest app!!  It is called Record of Reading. It allows you to track running records, score miscues, record students, and much more.  It even does all the math for you!   Then you can save and send in an email (even in pdf format). No more paper for me....yippee!!

Record of Reading
Version: 1.0.2
By Clemson University
In Education


  1. I love your NF resources! You always do such a great job! There will always be years when everything seems new. Hopefully, not too many of them! Hang in there! You exemplify what is important in a great teacher: the ability to learn and grow. Even if I don't agree with something completely, I can always take something away from it that makes me a better educator. I love children and want them to learn and be successful! That is the other key to success as a teacher!

  2. you're amazing. This will really help me with my class-thank you!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  3. This is a GREAT post! It goes well with the nonfiction unit I am teaching right now. Your anchor charts are awesome- I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of the ideas and alter to fit my lessons?! :) Thank you so much for your freebies as well.

  4. Wow- amazing information and resources. My first grade team is working on asking and answering questions fiction and are then moving on to nonfiction.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I love the scavenger hunt! I've added it to our Dropbox for our lesson this week. I'm also going to feature it on my blog for my Pin of the Week, if that's OK with you. :)

  6. Thanks Cyndi! Of course its OK with me :)