Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yes to Less

I haven't been on here often as of late but I'm going to change it.  From the end of last school year to now I have said "Yes!" to some wonderful opportunities but now I'm ready to get back to blogging and leading a healthier life.  I have spent too many nights working till 7, driving home a half hour, stuffing my face and then working on teacher work. Haven't you heard that teachers have great hours?!

So a new beginning is in order, it's called Yes to Less!  It is my teacher resolution that hopefully will help me succeed in my personal resolutions.

It feels good getting that off my chest and saying it aloud. Because you know if you say it aloud then you have to follow through, right??

I'm leaving you with this awesome piece of art that my boyfriend's brother made him and is now hanging in our home.  I love it!
Check it out on reddit:

Night y'all!

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