Sunday, April 22, 2012

Super Sunday

My Sunday has been full of work!  My intern finished her last week of I am back at lesson planning and creating to fulfill the lesson plans.  I'm also trying to get prepared for my week away.  I'm so excited to go to Denver for the Thinking Strategies Institute but not so pumped about the week of sub plans.

Tomorrow is our final day of our very first inquiry circle.  Three weeks of work gets accumulated into presentations.  The students have surprised me each day along this journey and I know they will do a great job tomorrow.  I have a rubric for you, which goes through each phase of  inquiry circles.

Our new writing unit, Extended Personal Narratives, begins in a week.  Here is a 10 page pack to get you started,



  1. Thank you for sharing your writing pack. These will be really helpful in getting my kids to expand their writing!

  2. I love this blog! I use my teaching degree to run my own tutoring business and have been searching and reading through your blog for ideas to use with my students. There are some very creaetive tools here!

  3. Booky4First- First,love your name! Next, I'm glad you could use them :)
    Jelma- Thanks for the compliments!