Monday, April 23, 2012

A new (revised) appreciation

My intern, Emily King, deserves a million dollars! Her devotion to the class with her caring spirit and thoughtful lessons was beyond amazing. Whichever school she lands in will have won the ultimate jackpot!! I started teaching again today and it made me appreciate Emily {yet again} and all teachers even more than before! No one can understand our job fully unless they are in the trenches. I don't think I remembered all of it while I was assisting and mentoring Emily. It is an exhausting but powerful career. Bless you all :)

In math, we have moved into a unit that prepares us for second grade. Some is review and some is new. I made two things quickly today to leave for the substitute next week and hopefully you can use them if you are in a pinch too. Both pages have Scrappin' Doodle graphics {love them} and Fonts for Peas for the fonts.

Skip Counting Cup Towers uses six sets of 15 cups. I drew symbols at the top of each set to help with clean up and organiztion. I counted by 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's 5's and 10's for my own.

For the repeated addition activity, I printed various copies of the second and third page front to back and placed in a sheet protector for the kids to use with dry erase markers.  The first sheet I printed for each child to complete.


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  1. Hi Jen. I saw that you posted on Literacy Minute and figured that if Sandi has great things to say about you, that I'd come for a visit! Looking forward to following.
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