Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inquiry Circle visual representations

My students did such a great job with their inquiry circle visuals.  They picked a picture to base it off of and did their best to recreated it.  Here is the beginning stages of their murals:

And here are the finished products with facts from their research!

Yesterday we started our Sea Life inquiry circle.  The kids were beyond pumped!  Here is a Sea Life word wall for your little ones :) with important words to know while researching and room to add your own.  We used these words to help us with our questioning (since most words we were familiar with from the reptile IC). 
I am doing an inquiry project right along with my students (for the major opportunity to model) on octopus.  Here are the questions they helped me develop using our word wall words.

And here are my lesson plans for the reptile inquiry circle.  You will noticed that I tried to hit important organizational lessons and some from our county roadmap.  **Note that we found that although we planned lessons most of the time our teaching came out of authenticity. The kids needed different material than we had anticipated.**

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  1. Love the murals! What a great learning experience for your students. Thank you for sharing.

    First Grade Delight