Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keep Truckin'

What do you do when a little one just isn't catching on?  In first grade, our students {for the majority} can read...but there are a few that can't even learn their letters.  Makes my heart break because they really want to learn and their spirits are still in it.  I have one student in mind and it seems as if I have tried every single thing but I'm still pushing to figure out what will work. 

In guided reading groups, I have been using Hubbard's Cupboard readers for this low group.  The text are predictable and there are many of them.  The picture support and sight words seem to be helpful to the students. AND they are free!

I created some support materials to go alone with the readers.  The student must put together the common sight words in the book from letters.  Then construct sentences.  Last, they must create their own. 
My little one was unsuccessful when we first just read the book, but when the support was there it was easier for the little one.  Each and every sentence was read and the understanding was there too....WOO-HOO!

This is what the finished product looks like:

So this is what I'll be trying until I find the next thing that works and pushes them up the scale of success. 

Any advice of what works for you would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. When I was in Title 1, I found sorting magnetic letters (4 or 5 letters, maybe 4 or 5 of each letter) to be helpful for those working on specific letters (learned from UK program Wav 3). Each time they move the letter to the group they have to say the name, etc.

    I also like letter cubes for blending, highlighting sight words or specific phonogram sounds in reading passages, and Tuffy charts (maybe spelled that wrong?) for explicit instruction/repeating letter names, sounds or words.

    I know what you mean when things aren't working and they're trying so hard! Good luck!


  2. I'll have to look up the Tuffy cards...I tried Zoo Phonics but it wasn't effective. Thanks for the suggestions!