Saturday, February 4, 2012

College Words

I saw this short video on the Teaching Channel about using College Words.  The teacher took words that they used on a daily basis and beefed them up to expand their vocabulary.  Great idea, huh?  I knew my kids would love it and it encourages college...YIPEE! 

I created this document {which is a bit big} with instructions, classroom vocabulary card, and journal labels for the students to take some ownership of the words.  Some of the words are geared towards characters that we know that Junie B. Jones, she's a riot! Other words I chose because of rules or behaviors we see over and over again, such as linger {I was definitely thinking of a few kids who like to linger and leave big gaps in our line}. I plan on using a couple words a week and having the students mark the bottom with a tally everytime they use it.  So look back for the 2nd edition!



  1. Jen,
    I think what you're doing is great...explicit vocabulary instruction is so needed. However, I disagree with calling what you're doing "College" words...they "Vocabulary" words, call them what they are, teach your students the term "vocabulary." You are also (for the most part) using Marzano's 6-step process for vocabulary instruction and pulling Tier 2 words that Beck and McKeown speak of in their book Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction. I *do* believe with this type of instruction you are not only preparing your students for college but for life.

  2. Jennifer,
    Thanks for your thoughts on the subject. My schools' initiative is to increase our awareness of college because so few go. So although I call it College Words, I also refer to them as vocabulary words in the classroom. You will see I use many different resources to combine with what I FEEL is best. Luckily, I get to make that call for my students and my school supports me.