Monday, February 6, 2012

Comprehension Strategy Posters and the minutia that fills my brain

Hey all!  Do you feel like you can always improve?  Your teaching, your organization, your decor...I mean just everything.  If I don't have a project going on then that means something is wrong with me.  My brain never settles down.  Even when I'm watching TV {which isn't often} I have to be doing something else.  And lately my brain is doing so much thinking that I'm not sleeping.  Which is crucial to spending your day in a room with a bunch of 6 year olds, right?!

So first off here are my new Comprehension Strategy Posters based off the strategies {their 7 strategies but with my twist} stated in Mosaic Of Thought. 

Next is a quick description of breaking apart 10's and 1's because my kiddos weren't getting it today!

And lastly, here are pictures of some projects I've been working on.

New math manipulative baskets color coded for each table.

New College Words mock bulletin board.  Gotta use the cabinets because my one bulletin board can't hold it all, darn it!

Guided reading folder based of What a Teacher Wants idea. She uses velcro, I'm just going to use a dry erase marker.

Sailing Through First's Writer's Eye posters attached together with ribbon...limit space so got to make it small but impactful.

Fancied up my classroom library sign and left space for notes or rules (remember my western theme?).

Alright that is enough for today!  Hoping and praying that I will sleep tonight because I did the things I was thinking of in the middle of last night.


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