Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

Hi y'all!  We are moving from comparing numbers to using place value to add and subtract.  I know my little ones will need a lot of support because we struggled with comparing numbers. My new intern and I have planned some fun, interactive lessons that will meet every type of learner.  The kids will role play using their bodies as ten rods and their shoes as ones.  We also have a scavengar hunt in the works....and much more!  Here are the organizers I have created for support....

The first idea I got from Mrs. T's First Grade Class!  I changed it to include an addition problem.  {The second page of the document has ten rods to copy and use.}
The other ideas are straight from my head after going over our series, the content and our roadmaps.

So that's what I have for that {for now!}.  On another note, our class has our first intern!  She is a sweetie and has such great ideas!!  Especially math {which happens to not be my strong suit} in which my lessons tend to lack something at times.  I feel like I will continually learn and grow year after year...even from the newest of the new.  I feel very blessed as a teacher that she came into my life to make me even better at my job!

Enjoy your night!

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