Monday, January 16, 2012

Introduction to Expository Writing

Next week we are beginning expository writing.  I look forward to this unit because the kids that haven't felt successful working in their imaginations start to feel at home with this type of writing.  Telling what you know is easy peasy!  And what human doesn't like to share what  they know {not many in my experience}?

I'm starting with the explanation and the vocabulary.  Then we are moving on to dissecting both an All About book and a How To book.  Our noticings are so important and giving the kids the driver's seat is key.  Afterward, we will write a list on both types of writing about what we could write about that we happen to be an expert on.  THEN we will dive into writing!!

Enjoy writing about what you know!

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  1. I will be starting this next week also! Thanks for sharing and I'm your newest follower!

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