Wednesday, May 20, 2015

All I can manage is PICTURES

My desk (no matter how much I organize, clear and clean) is piled with papers.  You know the end of the year stacks, right?  SO all I can manage is to show you what our classroom life is like through pictures.  

I also have a confessions.  I'm MUCH better at updating my Facebook page!  You can follow me here: The Go To Teacher on Facebook 

My students FAVORITE math activity is hands down Scavenger Hunts.  I can never trip them up...they always find them! is a blessing!  We watched all about bones and then used their skeleton to label bones.

My students were SO engaged by just using these spinners.  Of course they each got a chance to go up and spin them! These spinners are free at this site:

This is totally a school post!  Both are needed to keep me going.

I introduced my niece and nephew to Elephant and Piggie.  They loved them just as much as me.  My nephew who is 11 months old kept pointing to the characters and saying, "OOoooooo!"

My goal has been to organize my cabinets, drawers and basically the classroom.  Here you can see my supplies (top), math centers (lower left) and my teacher/student textbooks (lower right).

We started learning about plants by writing our schema and wonderings.

We also dissected these amazing lilies that grow in my yard.  The questions the students asked were beyond my wildest dreams!

This was the mother's day gift my niece made at her school.  It was the most precious gift I've ever seen. 

My class made these adorable door hangers.

Every morning, I give the students "free read" time.  I love when I see kids taking lead by helping their peers.

Again this is definitely tied to teaching.  Lord knows I need to decompress when I get home and I love to hang on the porch!

I love using student work to motivate students and help them goal set.

Another "free read" moment.  They are playing teacher...but I don't even think I could call it playing because they are truly teachers in their own right.

Here is a math anchor chart that reviews partitioning.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of my I won't.  I can't let others see my piles.

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