Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shaping Up

Are you lax at this time of the year?  I find that with all the teaching demands I don't always do what I need to for my physical and emotional health.  It also takes me some time to admit these things.  So this weekend I was sure to take care of myself so I can go be joy and sunshine in the morning to all those bright little faces!  What do you do to take care of the teacher?  I like walks, healthy eating and a good book. 

I've also been shaping up at work.  I'm starting that wonderful (dreaded) spring cleaning.  My drawers are looking tidy and that is good for the soul!  We are also working on Shapes/Geometry and having a blast!  I can't even believe it is our LAST UNIT in math. Where has the time gone?!

I decided to try something different this unit.  I asked two students to make the anchor chart.  It was so successful that I let them teach the lesson!  The students were enthralled!!

click on the picture to watch the video on Instagram

We've also been doing a lot of fun activities!

 This student ran up to me and was SO EXCITED that she had grown from a 2 (developing) to a 4 (exceeding).  These sheets are great because 1. it tells the student what is needed at each level  2. It has the students goal set and share how they are going to meet their goal  3. It makes the student responsible and shows them whether or not they are growing as a mathematician  4. At the end of the unit, it focuses on what they are PROUD of.

I've shared some of my ideas about teaching, learning and assessing during a shape unit.  You will find 21 student activities, 3 PowerPoints, student goal/reflection sheets, assessments and more!  Check it out here!

Here are some examples of what is included on TPT.



I guess I going to go get myself mentally in shape for returning for another week!  Have a great evening.

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