Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Slightly Different Take

When planning for this math unit, I knew I wanted the students to use their work to goal set.  We've done this all year but I was looking for a little more impact.

The students' interactive math journals have become a bit disorganized (this is an understatement) for some and I didn't feel that they were able to see the progression of their abilities. That's when the unit interactive math journal came in.  What better way to see your progress than having it clumped together?

It's all the about the needs of the kids BUT this helps me too!  Since they aren't as bulky I can have them turn them in daily and I can give immediate feedback.  When progress reports or report cards roll around I have a great, progressive way to show parents their child's mathematical understandings.  And I can also help the students track their data and goal set...not just using one assignment but using all their work from the unit.

Here is the simple journal made mostly from all that notebook paper that you never use by the end of the year.  

On the inside cover my students have addition and subtraction poems and the rubric for the WHOLE unit.  These are in my TPT unit Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping

Here is a journal prompt with the students work and their (immediate feedback) score from the rubric.

Just for reference, we work on these mats A LOT before we delve into our journals each day.

And everyday we refer back to the unit's rubric to push our thinking and goal set.

My students commented today that I am like Danny Tanner from Full House because I like everything SO organized.  I think it was a compliment.  Either way I know that they see the journals as uber organized, which pleases me because they will need it all throughout their lives!

So if your journals are disasters like mine or you don't have enough notebooks for your students, I highly recommend my easy-peasy way!!

Dogs are barking...time to go.
Have a great night!


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