Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Days 3 & 4 with our elf

So we've had a lot of Christmas cheer and by Christmas cheer I mean very wild behavior.  Who can blame the kids?  It's an exciting time.

BUT our elf was ready for his ears to have a break!  So on day 3 he left a little (BIG) hint for some peace and quiet.

The hint worked so Twinkle was ready to get back to some fun stuff! On day 4, Twinkle gathered his friends to read a book, Mooseltoe.  In the story, the Moose forgets to get his family a tree so he lets them decorate his mustache instead.  So of course Twinkle and his friends were wearing mustaches! He also left a note for the students :)

Another precious child was reading to Twinkle B. Merry McBushyplums when I glanced over.  Their expressions are priceless and I am loving the merriment!

I hope you are getting your jingle on too!

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