Monday, February 24, 2014

Working the Word Work

At this point in the year I find it extremely important to find any spare moment to work with my low readers.  (Like any teacher has a spare moment?!) I wanted to hold another guided reading group each day so I started implementing it when the students first arrive and start their word work.  Since I am reading with a group, I needed meaningful activities that my students could guide on their own.  If I usually prep previously it goes pretty well.

*In addition, we do Words Their Way during our extra hour of school and I also add more word work during guided reading groups*

My students have been struggling with long vowel sounds and especially the magic e...even with all the helpful hints out there!  At this point in the year the on-grade level text (in first grade) is G/H/I, which have many words with long I know it is extremely important for the students to understand the spelling patterns.

Here are a couple of the activities I put into place (make sure to grab yours!):

1. To start out the week I give each child headers for their journal of the common spellings for the vowel.  
Pick your copy up here  or click the picture--->Long Vowel headers

I've found that my students can't just hunt for the words because they write any old word!  I try to make it a fun hunt. Sometimes I write the words all over their tables (see below), or I make labels for each child to wear (below), and other times I hide post-its around the room.

2. To keep reinforcing the long vowels I created a page to cut out and glue in word work journals.  The student must circle the long vowel words.
Pick your copy up here  or click the picture--->Circle the Long Vowels

3. My kids favorite is making words.  I don't think it is like your traditional Making Words.  I give them a strip of letters that they cut up and make as many words as they can.  Then one student pulls random student names (out of the cup of Popsicle sticks with their names) and has them write one word on a notepad under the document camera.  Then they try to guess the mystery/magic word and glue it at the top. I couldn't find a picture here at home so I will take one tomorrow and add it in :)

Click the picture or the link 26 different making words for you ----> 26 Making Words

I realize my ideas are simplistic but they word for my students.  I find that my consistency and preparation is the key!



  1. These are just what I need! Thank you!

  2. I really appreciate your ideas for the kids that are independent while I work with the strugglers. Thank you so much!