Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Print, laminate, cut, repeat!

I finally got new laminating sheets!  I should have ordered them online months ago but was looking for a deal....I found no deal and just bought them.  Then my ink ran out...sheesh!

I'm finally with all the necessary items to start getting all my school stuff printed, laminated, and cut. 

So one of the major items I wanted done and off my plate was my word wall.  Toward the beginning of the year I had it on my magnetic dry erase board.  I really like for the word wall to be interactive...I want the kids to use it.  This looks lovely but didn't function...the kids couldn't reach the top!

I knew I still wanted it to be magnetic.  So I turned around a couple filing cabinets, covered them with blue chevron contact paper and stuck them up.  It worked for our class and the students used it till the very last day.  {Can you believe I never took a picture of it?!}
This year I'm turning in the pennant to add a little common core into our word wall as you'll see with my alphabet headers.  My magnetic words had also seen better days so I made new ones.  We currently use the list in Month-by-Month Phonics as our sight words/word wall words.
 Here is where you can pick up the nonfiction alphabet headers.
How do you make your word wall interactive?
So for a little more practice with sight words I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest and traced it back to Two Can Do It.  It such a great idea.  They say to use poster board and hands by Lakeshore.  Well Lakeshore is an hour away, so I whipped one up on the computer.  And I have it as a freebie for you!
I've also completed up a literacy and math unit with a circus theme. Yippee!  I love having all this stuff ready to go for a new school year.  There are 5 math centers working on addition, graphing, strategies, subtraction, tallies, decomposing and word problems.  There are also 5 literacy centers working on onset/rime, vowels, nonsense/real words, rhyming words, mixed up words, short and long e, print concepts, language conventions, sentences, nouns and verbs. You can pick it up at my TPT store!

The last thing is my crazy class lizard...Coo Coo Ca Cooh August Jones!  He is home with us for the summer.  When he gets wet or warm his color starts to change from brown to bright green and it looks like pixels.  Yesterday I gave him a warm bath {although he didn't love it} and right away he started to pixelate.  I love watching science happen.  I wish I could afford the time and money to have more class pets!
Doesn't he look pleased with me? Ha!
Now on to more print, laminate, cut, repeat!

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