Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I'm joining in with The First Grade Parade's Favorite Pins Friday.  I love pinning all the creative ideas out there....makes me realize how artistic people are!
Here are my favorites:
Teacher Bits and Bobs: Classroom Photos.  Features CTP's Dots on Turquoise and Paisley Turquoise!!  So cute!
Love this idea by Teacher Bits & Bobs.  I have tons of cabinets and not much wall or bulletin board space so this will work perfectly!
A Differentiated Kindergarten: Chapter Three of the Next Step: Non-readers and Emergent Guided Reading Tips, Skills and a Couple of Freebies
I love this quick view of how kids are doing.  They can keep it close to their hearts so no one else can see.  Thanks DifferKinder! 

Fun inference lesson/ writing prompt
This idea is by Fun Science Project Ideas.  I love this for introducing inferring!

Make a banner to feature the faces of your students. Classroom DIY
I love this idea because it gives your students ownership. We decorate and organize at the beginning of the year without even knowing them.  I love giving them a part of the room that is all for them.  This idea is from Classroom DIY.

Now on to home stuff!  I moved in with my boyfriend in May and I've been working hard to make this house a home.
Spray painted pots + wood plank + rope = DIY plant shelf
This idea is from Lolalina.  I love the simplicity of it.

Rolling Door Hardware from Rolling Door Designs is what finally gave this bathroom some character and style!  {}  #Rollingdoors  #rollingdoorhardware #DIY  #doors
I love this door.  I REALLY want it for our bathroom!  This is a great blog I found this week and I am obsessed!  Check out In My Own Style!

 So we definitely need to attack our garage!  My boyfriend is a bit of a collector....*sigh*.  I would love this and plan on doing it this summer.  This is by diy Design Fanatic.

 What are your favorite pins from the week?

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