Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back to work...word work that is!

We have standarized testing at our school this week and although we aren't made to participate yet it does change our schedule.  With this change there is more time to work with {Yay!} and what better to do than word work! 

Here a couple activites for you :)  Items were purchased at the Dollar Tree and Target's Dollar Spot.

Long I Ice Trays uses ice tongs (Target), bucket, ice trays and ice cubes (Dollar Tree).  The students take out a piece of ice and put it in the correct tray.  They must record the words on the sheet when finished.
Bucket Full of Hearts review R-controlled vowels ar, er/ir/ur & or.  I bought heart stickers from Dollar Tree and cut up card board in triangles for flicking into buckets (not shown, Target).  I placed all the items in an old Brighton container but any will do.  The students select a heart, read it and flick into the right bucket.  The students will record the words on the sheet.


One Order of Long O Sandwich is a game to review the Long O sound found in ow, oa, and o_e.  The sandwich paper coasters were found at Dollar Tree and I used three of them.  I wrote long vowel words on the sandwich pieces.  The students will select, read and place on the correct baggie.  After the students will explore the room and books to find more words.
Hope you enjoy!

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