Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time in Anchor Charts

My class is full of excited learners and I am loving our reading workshop time.  Here are a couple anchor charts that really helped us through our workshop time.
What works during independent reading time.
Strategies to help us when we don't know a word.
Trying to instill that sound it out doesn't work...we have to look at the sounds/chunks.
Partnership questions to get started talking about books.
Questions to guide us with fiction books.
 Last week we started our nonfiction unit and it's been SO much fun!
The Nonfiction Reading and Writing connection.
Text features and how they help us.

 Nonfiction text posters by Primary Punch.

 How to shop for nonfiction texts.  Just 2 quick questions to answer.
This is one chart left from writing personal narratives.
We have moved on to All About nonfiction writing.
Our class shared writing about platypus with a heading, illustration, and table of contents.

Another shared writing, more to the students level.

A list of generated ideas to start writing our all about pieces.

Editing tips.
A pinterest inspired chart to use nonfiction text features in our writing and.....
here is an example from a little firstie! 
Math Charts focusing on subtraction:
Vocabulary and helpful tips to get us started.

The bar model...which we find to be a little confusing.

Subtracting to compare using pictures.
Science Charts: 
Our first experiences with inquiry....turned into our wonder wall.  Any questions that come up during the day that we can't answer becomes are focus.  All you need is 5 minutes, a computer and some books!

Our research on our new class pet.  It has really increased our vocabulary in the nonfiction arena. Do you see the meal worm life cycle to the left?

Asking questions as a scientist.
AND here is one freebie for ------->Asking and Answering Questions <-------
I hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow- Great resources! Thanks for sharing.
    Antoinette and Emily

  2. All of the anchor charts are great! I got a kick out of the NOTS for independent reading! So cute!
    Literacy Minute

  3. Thanks for the helpful info. When I learned about wellness centers it changed my life.