Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another day in THAT room

Spending my time at school has come to fill like a bit of a chore BUT I still go and I still love seeing completed projects...figures!  Today I worked to get some more stuff done and a bit of chatting with my classroom neighbors.

 This is my new Fix Up Strategies board that my students refer to during guided reading groups and while independently reading.  I now am on a mission to aquire more provides a more comforting atmosphere AND it will help with the glare on these adorably useful strategies!!

I finished the bulletin board.  The bucket fillers were first and then I decided on my reading comprehension posters because we use and refer to them so much!

Below I finished putting owl labels on each of the drawers.  And I put in their library cards to keep track of their levels.

OK, so I have this tree and last year I really didn't embrace it.  It made me mad!  It was painted in the only spot where I could have had a second bulletin board!!  This year I decided to treat it like an asset.  It's a fabulous place to display student work.  So I hung up a little owl that says, "Hoot, Hoot, Hooray!  Look at our work today!"  Then I painted clothes pins and attached them to a tack and shoved them in...they are green to look like leaves of the tree.

The little guy is so cute.  Get your's here- Owl Signs

I finished my board: a place for Essential Questions for each subject, schedule, specials, a wee little calendar, direction cards from A Cupcake for the Teacher and containers to hold my board stuff.
 And the header for the word wall.

Lastly, I finished my board (sans names) with cute little owls

Get your Look Whooo's in Our Class sign here.

I'm starting to have the teacher dreams.  I can't fall asleep and I'm up WAY before the alarm.  There is just SO much to think about. 

Good luck to you,


  1. Very nice!! Love the tree and great use of it!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. Everything's amazing! Wow-wow-wow... Love it!

  3. Thanks so much for the reading fix up strategies with the owl theme!! I can't wait to get home to colored ink at school. I have posters similar to these, but without owls. I puffy heart love me some owls, so these will fit right in my room.

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