Friday, June 29, 2012

Common Core Math

As I prepare myself for the coming school year I can't help but think of the Common Core State Standards.  I'm ready for the challenge and I am very excited.

With all this SuMMeR! time on my hands I thought I would start Common Core Math centers for each of the standards.  What fun!

So when you see this ----->
you will know that it is a new center that corresponds with a CCSS standard.  The strand is also listed but you will have to go to the center to see the actual standard.

My first endeavor is PaNDa PuRSuiT that focuses on true and false addition equations.  Remember that the core's big focus is proving make sure to check out the student independent work sheet!


  1. The unit looks darling, but the link is not working. I can't wait to see all of the pages.

  2. So sorry I happen to be having technological challenges lately :/ It's fixed now!