Saturday, January 21, 2012

Word Wall update

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rjyoung23 on posted this picture.  I instantly fell in love with the look and knew I couldn't wait till August to try it out in my room.  My word wall was fine but I knew this would make it even better!

Here's the before:


In my room there is one bulletin board and cement block walls {hard to hang stuff...see the missing piece to the alphabet above} so my cabinets were the most logical place.  I would like to have a bulletin board, like rjyoung's but sometimes you just have to make do.  To complete this look, I used scrapbook paper, letters from the dollar tree, ribbon {5-6 kinds}, and a glue gun.  Pretty simple and probably to an hour to make.

Here are some anchor charts from the week:
 My smart coworker told me to read the first several pages of The Most Beautiful Place in the World to start visualizing.  Great reccommendation from Mrs. Gilman!  Those kiddos just got it!

 For Schema we read Alice the Fairy and Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild.

 For retelling, we used Rosie's Walk and next we'll be using The Napping House.

This was our order numbers using a numberline chart.  At the top is vocabulary, then a poem about the alligator and a chart about comparing numbers.  The bottom holds our graphic organizer.  We used food to carry this one through.  I put three food items on the ledge of the board and wrote their costs above.  The students wrote them at the top, marked them on the number line and wrote them in order.  Then I said, "Your Momma told you to get the cheapest or least, which one did you get?"  It was so fun!

Now here's for the cuteness that fills my sweet niece giving me the hurry up look or I'll help auntie!

Look I'm a blogger too!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. I am honored that I get to work and learn from you every day!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness love your word wall!!

    Miss J