Thursday, December 1, 2011

Math goodies to make life easy and breezy!

Math Goodies!!!  My kids love the code to get in the door.  I laminated it and change it daily by just using a dry erase marker.  When the kids come into the room I crouch down and they whisper it in my ear.  

*Click on the links to download the documents for FREE!*

I have math centers, and while I am running small groups the kiddos still have question...can you believe it?!  I have found that if I explain each center in detail to one child per week and make them the Math Expert that I have a lot less interruptions and can really focus on my small groups.

This is a game to use with Candy Land.  The students pull a math card and if they can find the missing number in either an addition or subtraction problem then they get to select one of the game's card and move that amount of spaces on the board.  There will be more of these to come, so check back for them!

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