Sunday, November 27, 2011

Math Ideas- Addition and Subtraction

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Spin, Subtract and Color, provided two spinners for each student. I have mine labeled 1 & 2.  On 1, I have numbers 11-18 and on 2, I have numbers labeled 0-10 (purchased at Dollar Tree).  The students spin and subtract and then color the difference.

Spin and Graph- Each student will need copies of the playing mats, a graph, a cookie sheet and a top.  The student will lay the playing mat onto the cookie sheet, spin the top, solve the equation and fill in the graph for the sum of the  equation.

Shinning Stars Subtraction- Each student needs a playing mat (several are included), cubes, a die and a recording sheet.  Directions are attached.

Part Part Whole Addition- Students will cut out pieces, glue and solve.

Bunches of Beads- Students will get out an ice tray and beads.  The will read the label adhered to the bottom of each section.  The students will use beads to figure out the sum of the equation listed on the label.  The students will solve, write and illustrate.

Candy Cane Race, Addition-   2 players will separately add two candy canes together to get a sum.  The person with the greater sum colors in a section of their candy cane.  The first candy cane colored indicates the winner.

Domino Addition, Ten Frame- Use dominoes to represent the problem in a ten frame.  Cut the dominoes at the bottom of the page.  Color one side red and the other side blue (of the domino).  Fill in the ten frame using the colors/numbers on the dominoes. Then fill in the equation.

Dice, adding one or two more- Students and/or teachers can create these dice.  In this partner game, two players take turns rolling the dice, writing the equation and then solving with counters.

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