Literacy Centers

My literacy centers are consistent, the only things that change are the students' books and the words in which we are working with.  My main goal is to have them reading, reading, reading!  Of course thinking about text and word work are important too :)

Read and Chant Word Wall:  Word Wall Chant Cards  Word Wall Activities

Partner Read: Partner Talk Bookmark 

 Responding to Reading: Respond to Literature

Read and Write the Room: Read and Write the Room

Read and Write Poems:  See Poetry Journals @

PostIt Thinking: PostIt Thinking

Read with Fluency Voices: Fluency Voice Cards

Lay the cards around the room. Students begin at Start and read the common sight word sentences one after the other.  If they make a mistake they must go back to start.  Great fluency/sight word activity.
Sort the words from the book by syllables and complete the foldable.

Compare Bad Kitty to SkippyJon Jones.  After draw/write about them on the triangular "ears", then attach to the paper to look like a cat.

Bad Kitty incorporates the Alphabet into the story by telling things that Bad Kitty did in the sequential order of the alphabet.  Have your students create their own to add on to the story...or make a class story.


  1. i just found your blog and i LOVE it!!!! thank you for being so generous with all that you make and sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  2. I am so happy I stumbled across your blog, thanks for sharing SO many awesome ideas with us less creative teachers!

  3. You're amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and activities! I've spent hours exploring :-)