Tuesday, April 1, 2014


To introduce our living/nonliving/plants/animals unit we started with the four questions a scientist would ask.  I combined charts that I saw by Krazy in Kindergarten and Mini Muffin Mondays.  

Then we explored living and non living with gummy worms and meal worms.

The students recorded their evidence in their journals along with a drawing. 

Here are the lessons my team used for the first four days of the unit.

Then we moved into plants...
...and grew grass!

 In the third week we moved on to the needs of animals and humans.

Freebie for Science Journals ----> Animal Needs Exploration
Click on the link or picture.  It will take you to Google Drive.  Select File, then Download and it will be all yours!
Together we explored nonfiction texts to see how different species have slightly different needs.  Then I gave a book to each table (each different) animals and they had to do the same thing in a foldable.

Next up is a habitat a week! 

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