Sunday, March 30, 2014

Measuring a Giant's footprint

I love Pinterest because when you need an idea you can find tons!  During measurement we did the activity that I first saw posted by Kate Booher that starts with a message to the kids.  

I left a large footprint on each of their tables and they got to work.  The students recorded their information in a three column chart longer/shorter/same length.

Then we extended the fun by measuring the footprint with various things (nonstandard measurement).  I placed a basket at each table (large dice, paper clips, ten rods, cubes and solo cups) and the students rotated to each one.  Then we all sat down and discuss our results.  We found that some objects are easier to measure with and with those objects we all had the same results.  

 The students made a five column chart in their math notebooks to record their results.

Then we looked at the gait of a Giant when he walks.  I measured 12 ft for each and put tape of the floor.  We decided to measure with our bodies.  We tried kids/short kids/long kids.  

 This was a great activity for discussion and to assess students understanding of measurement vocabulary and nonstandard measurement.  It was one of those days that the kids said, "You are the best teacher ever! I love learning!"

If you have measurement coming up I would say it is worth the day.

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  1. Hi Jen! Great post- I was wondering, how did you move onto the 'gait' activity? How was that done? I'm interested to know for my class! Thanks :)