Monday, November 11, 2013

It's a Math Party: Balancing Equations and Fact Families {5 Freebies!}

Today I want to say a huge thanks to my dad, Bob Willis.  He served our country in the Vietnam War. He's my hero everyday and I am very grateful to have such a great role model.

Now on to math!

As we've moved into the Common Core the rigor has increased.  With the increased curriculum you start to notice some areas that may need an extra OOMPH!  My students are needing the OOMPH! in balanced equations and fact families.  And I figure a party always gives me an extra OOMPH! so they are all party themed!

To start out my team created a pre-assessment to see where the students were at (by: Doni Hodge, Shannon Rivard, Kristina Rorem, Yvonne Tetrault, and Jennifer Willis):

Help the Lunch Ladies

Here are 2 centers for fact families:

And here are 2 centers on balancing equations:

Here is something to leave you with this evening:

My caption:  The life of a teacher.

My boyfriend keeps the wine makers in business all to make me happy! I adore him for it :)

Enjoy your night,

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