Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunny Days

I have gotten started with my Teacher To-Do List...hooray!!  Today I have a couple things to show you that I've worked on. 

First, I love the great ideas on A Cupcake for the Teacher!  I love how visually appealing all of Teri's stuff is.  I saw her post My New Behavior Reward System and I fell in love with her clip chart.  I've seen many of them before and I like most I see but I loved her chevron!

Last year I didn't use anything!  I read Positive Behavior In the Classroom and decided that I would put effort into building our community.  I rarely had behavior issues and if I did I would give them a choice and let them figure it out.  It was BLISS <3 
This year our county is going through some difficulties and I don't know how many students I will have.  I thought it was best to be overly prepared and that's why I decided on a clip chart. 
I also love Teaching in Flip Flops' glitter magnets for the chart rather than clips.
So here are my projects mostly finished:

To start out this coming school  year I am going to have my second intern!  I loved my first experience and can't wait to try it again.  I want her input on how we reward students because I love trying new ideas. 
Speaking of interns, I made us both a grading folder...well I labeled both of our folders!

I have just finished up math centers for the beginning of the year {1st Grade Addition to 10}!!  They really work on building addition fluency to 10.  Check it out at Teachers Pay Teachers.
The pack includes:
Ten Frame Ideas
Sum It Up Game {addition practice with ten frames}
Lamb Lane {finding the sum, strategy}
Castle Creation {addition with the use of manipulatives}
Adding In the Shade {multiple addition strategies}
Make a Ten {finding the missing addend to make a ten}
Baby Deer {number line to add}
Now I'm off to enjoy Florida's sunny days!

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