Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Classroom Quilt

During my internship, closer to a decade ago than not, my cooperating teacher had a cool classroom quilt that changed monthly.  Each month she took a photo of each child with something festive for the month and asked them a question.  She printed the pictures and the student responses and put together a quilt that she made out of Ziploc baggies.

As I was perusing Michaels I saw something that reminded me of that and knew it was time to make my own quilt.
Can't you imagine all those sweet faces of your kids filling this up?  And we all know kids saying the cutest things!

Firs,t let's talk about how it could be used.  What's great about this quilt is that you can tie it to anything you are working on!  You can ask the students a monthly themed question and take their photo with something festive (you'll see below I took my photo with an apple and asked, "What's cool about school?).  You could tie it to a particular subject  and ask an essential question.  It could also be tied to character traits, What makes someone respectful?  What is courage?  The possibilities are endless.

The kids will love having a monthly photo and seeing it up in the classroom.  At the end of the year you can make the kids a scrap book with each of their photos!  Perfect end of the year gift!

Here are the materials you will need:

 Scrap paper in four colors (3 sheets each)

12x12 inch Ring Photo Sleeves (these happen to be by We R), includes 10 sheets with 4 - 6x6 inch pockets

1.Cut your paper into 6 by 6 inch squares

2. Put the papers in choosing a pattern to repeat (do this with 4 sheets)

3. With the other 5 sheets, reverse the order

4. Lay out your design one sheet of the first design then the second of the reverse order...I used a total of 9 album sheets going 3 by 3
{Note at the top center I filled two 6x6 with the same paper for my header}
5. Flip it all over and line it up overlapping the part that goes on the rings to the back of the sheet

6. Tape horizontally and vertically connecting all 9 sheets together
{I found that one long piece of tape made it more sturdy}

Because you taped it on the back you can still access the openings on the front!

This is my *somewhat* finished project.  At school I am planning on hanging it with command strips and of course each child will be represented!

I printed the picture as a 4x6 to fit in the opening.

Each month you can ask the students a monthly, theme or essential question, take their photo and type out their response.


  1. I love this idea! It would make a great home-school connection, too. I'm thinking at the beginning of the year, I would send a square home with every kid for them to decorate as an "about me" thing. Maybe one month it could be "my family," the next month it could be "a winter tradition we have," etc. I just might have to steal this :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Thank you Jenny! I love your idea of including the students' families :)

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