Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bulletin board pressure

As I look at all the beautiful rooms coming together on Pinterest I am consumed by how many bulletin boards are in each room.  We all want what we can't have, right?!  I have one lonely bulletin board and since there is only one I feel like it needs to really be utilized well.  My other options for hanging are on cabinets, clipped to a rope in front of a window, or on the white board....but those aren't as cute as bulletin boards with their pretty fabrics and colorful boarders that don't fall down with all the humidity!  That's right everything else that isn't on a bulletin board will fall down over and over again because my room is humid {well the rope and its contents usually stay up}.  So those cute faux boards on top of cabinets just doesn't work for me.  So back to the pressure of having only one bulletin board....this is what I did with it last year:

I found out right away that the strategy posters were lost on my beginning of the year first graders and we didn't use them as I intended.  The buckets fell A LOT!  We were constantly looking for pins and pom-poms...but I still like the idea and the look of keeping them there.  It just leaves such a small space for anything else.  Halfway through the year, I took it all down and hung anchor charts.  Then it became the math wall.

So here is my dilemma I've been grappling with:  What do I put on this board?

Here are some ways I hang other stuff.  Most of it falls over and over no matter the tape, glue or concoctions I come up with.  The best I've found is Carpenter's Tape....it is heavy duty and takes a lot of time to get off at the end of the year.  Second best is the glue gun.


So what do you think should be on my ONE bulletin board?  Thanks for any suggestions!

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