Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toaster Tuesday

So I got a new toaster today and I'm excited :)  My dog seems to tear up any appliances that have any trace of a smell...so I've been without one.  The sad part about getting a new toaster is that I'm not eating carbs!!  All things that go in the toaster are full of carbs...darn.  I'll have to wait to use it :/

My boyfriend and I decided that we would like to go into the new year with a healthier lifestyle.  We have a list of lose rules that we are following.  And my sweet guy designed a supplement plan for me!  So we are eating healthy (well, Atkins diet), taking supplements and working out {almost} daily.  I feel so much better.  I have energy after school but more importantly energy during school.  Having this newfound energy makes me happier and therefore more patient.  It's good for me and my kiddos!  I've worked out before but all of this put together has just made it a whole new experience for me.
Well enough about me!

My class has moved into our place value unit.  I was personally wanting a few games that could vary on time for students to play in partnerships or with a group. And to be honest I wanted the materials to be easy for me to make...just in case they aren't used.  The games I have made all use the same set of feathers.

I also created a pack of 12 graphic organizers to correlate with the first grade Common Core Literature Standards.  You can find them at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
Thursday night was our Science Fair night!  It was a blast.  I participated by holding the critter table down.  I brought my Water Dragon and I was loaned a Leopard Gecko, Hermit Crabs and a turtle.  I even let the kids (and parents too) hold superworms.  Below are the pictures of our 1st grade boards.  My class made the board the second from the right.  Our project was called Greasy, Greasy Chips.  Did you know that out of Mr. B's, Lays and Ruffles that Ruffles holds the most grease?  The night was a great celebration of science and it was a great turn out!

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