Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh. My. WORD.

Since going back to work I have not felt like myself...until TODAY!  Thank goodness. 

It's hard to bring yourself back to the beginning of the year when you left off with independent little beings.  Took me a few days but I remembered all my old tricks :)

So I put up my literacy lessons before my school year started and thought I would do the same for math but I was hit by the school bug.  It's a little late but here are my plans now:  Unit 1 Math plans

In the plans I refer to various blogs that I got math centers from...gotta love the sharing.  I also created a few things myself.



Lastly, I took pictures of my finished classroom.  I've been posting pictures during the setting up process so I don't feel as if they are too different but still I took them and I got time to upload them :)
Happy Birthday Bunting

 Front of the room with my new Mimio attached to the white board

 Other side of the front
 Library area with supplies littered about
 Other side of the library and my guided reading area
 Back of the room and our meeting area
 The door.  In the corner, over by the small art easel, will become our reptile's domain very shortly
 Computer area and loads of blank cabinets...not sure if I'm going to add something or keep it clean and calm
My new reminder board that I got on clearance at Homegoods
New Bravo Board
Alright starting to fade....heading towards bed.


  1. looks good! very nice and organized Jen!


  2. Your room looks great! You have a ton of room and storage! Thanks for sharing! When you get a chance, hop on over to check out my room. I am still adding pictures, but I just posted about my reading corner!
    Teach to be Happy