Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello Summer...we meet again

There was a blog post that I claimed that my class was heaven on earth.  Well right after that the earth opened up and dropped some bombs on my happy little existence.  Probably because I didn't end my heaven on earth sentence with knock on wood.  So today, my last day, was not terribly sad.  A couple little darlings stole my heart but I know they are ready for a grander horizon.  I am ready for a new challenge too!  Enter the summer reading academy :)

During our summer reading academy we teach the kids from 8:30 to 11:00 and then enjoy professional development till 2:00.  Our reading coach teamed with another school's reading coach read all year to find the best material for us to learn.  This year we are reviewing the work of Debbie Miller, Stephanie Harvey, Harvey Daniels and a few others.  We are also investigating the common core.  So although this time is work, it is work I love and look forward to. I am team teaching for the first time so pray that I have patience!!

Then I'm off to the beach for the rest of the summer....when it isn't raining here in Florida.  What are your summer plans?  Paris or Sydney, anyone??  Take me!


  1. You'll love Debbie Miller's stuff. She is SO good, and it will be PD worth your time. For my summer break I'm going to Hawaii...SO excited!

  2. I am going to Paris next week! But I would trade that for weeks at a beach, honestly. It has been raining steadily for the past week here in London : (

    Your professional development sounds exactly like something I would be interested in! Can't wait for you to share your findings : )

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  3. Meagan- I have Reading With Meaning {which I adore} and I just got Teaching with Intention. My goal in life is to be more like Debbie Miller! Have fun in Hawaii!!
    Kelli- We have rain here all week too...I just hope it clears up but it is hurricane season for us here in Florida. Have a great time in Paris!!