Thursday, May 10, 2012

New learning with 20 days left

I have been trying to tie in more reflection and questioning with our inquiry circles.  It's been fantastic.  Although I'm not as good as Sue Kempton with the questioning.....yet!  Here's what we have been working on:

In the first picture, we discovered that Belugas are carnivores because we saw their sharp teeth.  Then we went on to talk about omnivores and herbivores.  We also read and tracked our thinking in a section of the book Octopuses.  We also read about their bodies and created a labeled picture to explain our learning. 

Each student shared their learning about their sea life inquiry.  It was something that they felt their classmates would be eager to learn.  I also used this opportunity to practice my questioning.  My favorite part was when the students debated on whether they thought it was fair that some places use nets to keep sharks away but in the process some get killed. 

The other day I wrote this...
3. Right now I am in the process of reorganizing my mentor texts. I decided that there should be 7 bins, one for each of the comprehension strategies. I also decided that keeping them in a cabinet, using them and then putting them back wasn't fair to the kids. I want them to enjoy them whenever they please!! So I am going to make it accessible to them. A typed label will be on the outside of the book to tell which strategy (s) I use it for. (Look for pictures and labels to come!)

Now I'm in the process.  I have 7 bins and the books are sitting in them.  Now onto the labels...7 comp. strategy labels
Grab them for your own!  Pictures to come on the completed project.



  1. It is hard to decide what to do about the mentor texts. I have a few keepsakes that wouldn't stand up to everyone reading them. But, for the most part, they are used by children. I love your labels!
    Literacy Minute

  2. I just found your blog and love your ideas!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  3. Your sea life activities look great! You have an adorable blog! :)