Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clothes pin goodness

Only a teacher knows how many uses clothes pins have, right?!  They are a cheap way to do A LOT of things.  Name tags, game pieces, center rotations, and much more.  I saw a teacher throughout my blogcoma that used clothes pins for their labels.  I WISH I could remember the blog but you know how it is, you just hop all around and never remember where you have been.  If this idea is yours please take credit, it's great one!

So I got started with my new clothes pin labels.  I redid my leveled library...check it out!  Here is your copy with Guided reading and DRA levels: Leveled Labels A-Z

We have officially begun our first round of inquiry circles and the kids are loving it!  I hope it goes as successfully as these past few days, only time will tell.  One area I needed to set up with them was the organization of materials and needs to complete their research.  I bought baskets from the Dollar Tree and put various books on their related topics, index cards, PostIts, and a folder for each child.  For the folders, I gave each child a file folder in which they glued on the cover.  The back cover is text codes they will use during their research.  Here are a couple photos to show you how we set it up.


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  1. Love the Dollar Tree and LOVE the clothespin tags! :)
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